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It seems like there's a bug where whatever upgrades you buy or scale change you do applies to the value of the projectiles immediately. So you can earn a bunch of money at the start of a scale change, for example, or buy a bunch of rubber coating upgrades and earn like 4x the money for a bit, until the projectiles are all gone.

Hidden acheivements?

I can't get it to do anything.  How do you play?  It's just a white screen with a coffee stain in the corner.  Clicking or pressing space or any other key doesn't seem to do anything.  I see a lot of screenshots posted in the comments of what looks like a fantastic game!  Am I missing something? Please help

Try another Browser. Chrome does not work for me either, but Edge does.


damn that looks amazing
did you actually get all those points or did you find an exploit?

what the hell
i have like 5 fps on my school chromebook


ok I can barley even make out the path of the bullets/balls now




woa surprised that such a great game


I recommend adding an increased powder upgrade. Each shot would cost X amount of $, mabey 5$ per powder used. The upgrade will probably be cheaper because it increases the powder you use. It would act similar to the power upgrade but make a cost per shot. There should also be a material system. Possibly this could work by having purchasable cannonballs that would affect only one of your multishot balls. Ex. a feather ball to make one lighter, or a flat ball that could be more aerodynamic and bounce more but have more friction.  Thankyou for providing such an amazing game to the community for free!

My game just stopped working and I can't seem to fix it.

This game is great. Plz optimize it more

how come  my first instinct was to click on the tack

what tack


You shoot far with this, I would love an update <3

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Game is great concept, but there should be more added after resetting than just making more money. The game just takes longer and longer since your money made increase is less than the cost of upgrading it increases from what I can see. I think you should add increased cap to upgrades like aero or new upgrades on reset to balance this out. The game is great but in an idle game you want to feel progressed but it keeps taking longer and longer to increase your money. 

i love idle/incremental games and believe me there are alot worse games out there even on steam that cost real money to buy, great game, keep up the good work :D

ah yes

After staring at this image for 3 months straight, I've finally realized that there are no bullets shooting even with auto. just click again lol


I love this concept and I'd love to play more of the game, but also uhhhh.... I think I broke it. Between the rubber coating, aero upgrades, and reduced gravity, the balls no longer land and I'm not getting any more money because of it, so I can't buy the lead upgrade to make them heavier so they'll land again XD

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out of the 100 games I have played this is in the top 10.

hope you update it soon (;

also what does upgrading power do.


Glad you like it :) Just made a small update !. The power upgrade increases the distance the cannon balls travels.

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No worries :) Feedback can be posted as a comment on the devlog on itch, and is highly  appreciated. However I can't promise to implement everything.

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Not sure what's up but the upgrade for scale doesn't do anything, except for a change in my grid...but no reset

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Tbh I never thought anyone would ever play the game, yet alone get so far. I'll make sure to make an update if there's continued interest. The scale upgrade should be doubling income for now.

Nice Game